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Project Description
Casaba's simple code scanner is a tool for managing greps to be run over a source tree and correlating those greps to issues for bug generation.

CS^2 is a tool we developed in house at Casaba to manage our string patterns for manual source code reviews. During our penetration testing engagement's we've had a constant need for a simple yet self contained tool for grepping small or large code bases consistently. In addition, linking those patterns to issues which allow for generation of specific findings and bug reports.

CS^2 solves this problem in a novel way using off the shelf technologies.

Currently we are still in early beta phases, but the tool has proven useable and useful. Currently no "issues" are shipped with it. You would have to create your own.

This project was developed using the following technologies and frameworks:

Caliburn Micro -
AvalonEdit -
.Net 4.0
Entity Framework 4.3

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